While providing the Obama Campaign with historic mobile marketing and communications technology, Distributive Networks turned to Science to help retool its brand image, refresh its website and create marketing materials to raise the company’s profile in the midst of heavy press coverage.

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The Obama campaign ran the most technologically sophisticated presidential marketing effort in history. His unprecedented use of mobile platforms stands as a benchmark for marketers across the globe.

No other candidate, cause or brand has launched such a wide-reaching, long-running, sophisticated mobile outreach effort. Obama's text message announcement of his VP running mate has been recognized by Nielsen Mobile as "the single largest mobile marketing event in the U.S., one of the most important text messages ever sent and one of the most successful brand engagements using mobile media.”

The campaign partnered with Distributive Networks, a DC-based mobile technology provider, to engage supporters, mobilize volunteers and propel voters to the polls. DN’s proprietary mobile content management and delivery system enables innovative, customized mobile messaging in media, sports, politics, consumer products and education for brands like AOL, AT&T, BET, Disney, MTV, VeriSign and Vodafone.

Distributive Networks turned to us to help retool its brand image, refresh its website and create marketing materials to raise the company’s profile.

We created a new logo and crafted key messaging to reinforce the brand’s innovation in mobile marketing, and redesigned the website with a more intrepid and fearless spirit. We also created a downloadable guide called "TXT WE CAN" for marketers looking to utilize the power of Mobile. This guide is mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article (12.31.08) which highlights the effects of the Obama campaign on the marketing world.

Distributive Networks has been honored with the 2008 Golden Dot Award for Best Mobile/Text Messaging Campaign, 2008 Global Messaging Award and as a finalist for Mobile Marketing Association’s North America Award for “Best Mobile Marketing Campaign: Relationship-Building.”