Higher Ground Roasters follows its heart in business: to make the world a better place by providing fair trade, organically and shade-grown premium roast coffee. They source naturally grown coffee beans from family farms and cooperatives around the world in a manner that allows farmers to preserve natural habitats.

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Higher Ground Roasters is an environmentally responsible and socially conscious company. As a David to the Goliaths in a fiercely competitive business, Higher Ground is dwarfed in size and resources by premium coffee brands like Starbucks and Green Mountain who annually spend more on marketing than Higher Ground earns in yearly sales. Higher Ground needed to capture the interest of retailer buyers, appeal to coffee connoisseurs looking for a brand with a conscience and an overall branding platform that stays true to its soul.

We created a new brand image, identity and personality that reflect Higher Ground’s compelling virtues, both as a product and a company. A new website, packaging design and retail tool kit followed in our branding effort to introduce Higher Ground to both corporate buyers and consumers and to tell its story.

The market responded favorably: a boost in awareness, growth and shelf presence for Higher Ground, annual sales growth rate of 30+ %, increased distribution in key retail outlets like Publix and Whole Foods, and expanded web sales for the company in the U.S. and abroad. Higher Ground was also awarded a prestigious industry award, Roast Magazine’s “Micro Roaster of the Year,” in 2008.