Science Creative builds a new brand platform for a seafood certification program that stands apart from the competition and stands up for its beliefs.

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Brand Identity, Website, Magazine, In-Store Signage

A non-profit advisory and certification program sponsored by the Aquarium of the Pacific in California, Seafood For The Future works closely with chefs, retailers, fisherman, scientists and consumers to ensure that sustainable seafood is readily available and easy to identify at local restaurants, fish markets and grocery retailers like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in Southern California. Success of the program is measured by growth of participating restaurants and retailers, changes in consumption of seafood, awareness, name recognition and education.

Seafood For The Future lacked a credible, authoritative brand image that both business audiences and consumers could instantly recognize and trust along with a simple articulation of their mission. They also needed a scalable website that could grow as their content expanded.

Enlightenment about seafood sustainability is a combination of inspiration and interest - an innate curiosity and delight in seafood cuisine, a sense of responsibility in environmental and health issues and a human inquisitiveness about the world
of aquaculture and marine biology. The organization’s spirit of community advocacy, progressive action and healthy
social responsibility became embodied in new brand transformation with a logo that symbolizes social movement, a
call-to-action tagline, a socially engaged website to mobilize participation, an e-newsletter to stay connected with a
growing population of followers, a cooking magazine to celebrate the simple art of cooking sustainable seafood and an education poster to raise awareness in the restaurant industry.

With a new brand platform, Seafood For The Future has quickly elevated the program to a prominent regional stature that rivals its largest competitor, Monterey Bay’s 10 year old SEAFOOD WATCH program, in awareness, recognition and credibility, clearly positions and differentiates its message and engages a diverse audience that includes restaurant professionals, retailers, wholesalers and consumers.

• Steady growth in acquisition of partners, including restaurants, suppliers and retailers
• Measurable improvements in consumption behavior, lower levels of consumption of endangered species
at participating restaurants and retailers
• Greatly increased online activity including searches, website traffic and unique visits, time spent and downloads